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Important notice to all readers! You should read this notice 
carefully before using newflystar.itgo.com,
as the terms and conditions below govern your use of 
newflystar.itgo.com and any material that may
 be made available through it. 
You must not use newflystar.itgo.com in any way unless you agree 
to all the terms and conditions below. 
newflystar.itgo.com and its services/products TERMS For purposes 
of the TOS, the term "WE" or "US" shall mean the webmaster(s), 
maker(s), creator(s), employee(s), researcher(s), office(s), 
director(s), affiliate(s), content writer(s), staff, licensor(s), 
sublicensor(s), agent(s), manager(s), administrator(s), liquidator(s), 
officer(s), shareholder(s), servant(s), subsidiary, subsidiaries, 
subcontractor(s) and/or related entities of newflystar.itgo.com. 
For purposes of the TOS, the term "YOU" or "YOUR" 
shall mean you, your heirs, agent(s), successor(s), assign(s)
 and/or person(s) acting on your behalf. 
For purposes of the TOS, the term "FORUMS"
 shall mean user-generated content areas 
including, but not limited to forums, chat rooms, guestbooks and/or 
message boards For purposes 
of the TOS, the term "CONTENT" shall mean the informational 
or personal or educational services like the 
display or processing of personalized content, information, 
web page(s) with hidden (e.g. meta tags) or 
broadly visible content, know-how, material, communication 
(e.g. via email or FORUMS),
 ideas, ad(s), concepts, programming code, 
techniques, database information, messages, link(s), software (e.g. 
compter programs, video, graphics,
 photographs, audio clips) and/or affiliate program(s). 
For purposes of the TOS, the term "PROCESS" shall mean 
to use, share, distribute, archive, store, 
reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, create derivative works, 
translate, publicly post, publicly perform and/or 
publicly display CONTENT (in whole or in part or in 
a searchable format) and to incorporate CONTENT into 
other works in any form, media, software or technology of 
any kind, whether now existing or developed
 in the future, online or offline, for any purpose whatsoever, 
including but not limited to developing, manufacturing 
and/or marketing products using CONTENT.
WE may provide YOU with access to a collection of interactive 
or non-interactive resources, including * FORUMS * communications 
tools including, but not limited to, instant messaging, 
mobile messaging, email (including, but not limited to, 
electronic greeting cards) * shopping services 
* search services * money services * programming services, 
programs, software products * data services 
* CONTENT through newflystar.itgo.com or a network 
of properties which may be accessed through any various 
medium or device now known or hereafter developed 
(collectively "The Service"). 
The TOS is by and between US and YOU. The TOS is 
made effective as of the date of electronic execution. 
Using The Service ("USE", "USING") includes, but is not limited to,
 uploading of, participating in, accessing data 
from, interacting with or downloading of (as a whole 
or in parts) of CONTENT 
or otherwise using The Service. By USING The Service 
YOU acknowledge that YOU have 
read, understand and agree to be bound by all the 
terms and conditions of the TOS irrevocably, unconditionally 
and without protest or notification. Each time YOU 
USE The Service YOU reaffirm YOUR acceptance of the 
then-current TOS. WE may also offer other services 
that are governed by different or additional terms of service. 
Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any new features 
that augment or enhance the current The Service, 
including the release of new properties of US, shall be 
subject to the TOS. WE have the right to change, modify, 
add to or discontinue or retire any aspect or feature 
of The Service (at any time, for any reason or no reason at 
all, and without prior or later notice and without liability 
to YOU, to any other user or to any third party) 
including, but not limited to the CONTENT, hours 
of availability, equipment needed for access or use, 
the maximum disk space that will be allotted on the 
servers of US on YOUR behalf, either cumulatively or 
for any particular service. 
YOU also understand and agree that the TOS may include 
advertisements and that these advertisements may be 
necessary for US to provide The Service. 
Upon YOUR visit to US, a cookie may be sent to YOUR computer 
that uniquely identifies YOUR browser. A "cookie" is a small textfile. 
WE may use cookies to improve the 
quality of The Service and to better understand how people 
interact with US. Most browsers are initially set 
up to accept cookies. YOU can reset YOUR browser to refuse 
all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. 
However, some features of The Service may not function properly 
without cookies. WE do not collect any private 
information beyond the typical internetuser-webserver information 
or beyond publicly available information 
except where WE have YOUR consent. WE do not rent or 
sell or share or give away YOUR personally identifying 
information to other companies or individuals, unless 
WE have YOUR consent. If YOU have an account with US, 
WE may share the information submitted under 
YOUR account amongst all of our services in order to provide 
YOU with a seamless experience and to improve the 
quality of The Service. WE will not disclose YOUR account 
information to other people or companies, except in 
the limited circumstances described in the TOS or 
with YOUR consent. WE may PROCESS personal information 
collected on our site in any country in which 
WE maintain business. By using The Service, 
YOU consent to the transfer of YOUR information amongst 
these countries, including those located outside YOUR country. 
In the event of a transfer of ownership of 
The Service or the domain "newflystar.itgo.com", 
such as acquisition by or merger with another company, 
WE may provide notice before any personally identifying 
information is transferred and becomes subject to 
a different privacy policy. WE may share aggregated 
information with others. Examples of this include the 
"Number of users who performed a search for a special 
keyword" or "Number of users who clicked on a 
particular link" WE may present links in a format that 
enables US to understand whether they have been clicked. 
COMMUNICATION WITH US If WE receive communication 
from you it will remain confidential and will not 
be reproduced without permission, except in the 
following circumstance: WE reserve the right to archive, 
copy, reproduce, redistribute and make derivative 
works of any communication, via electonic mail, postal 
mail, telephone (WE may record YOUR telephone calls to US), 
instant message or any other media, which 
is in our sole discretion, that - harasses, threatens or 
is abusive to The Service or any CONTENT writer of 
The Service or any member of The Service or - is 
damaging to the reputation of The Service or any of US or 
- serves to vilify, defame or cast aspersions against 
The Service or any of US with the intent of interfering 
with business relationships, including, but not limited to, 
affiliations or service agreements (this includes 
ANY threatening letters to an ISP, Web host, etc., 
or allegations of activities in violation of applicable laws 
and/or service agreements). or - contains legal information 
(including, but not limited to (DMCA) copyright 
notices) Any such material shall become the property of US. 
WE shall be the sole arbiter(s) of what 
constitutes a communication fitting the above descriptions. 
Upon receipt of any such communucation, 
or notification of receipt of any such communication by a 
party associated with The Service, WE reserve 
the right take to take action as necessary to protect 
rights and interests, with or without prior notice to 
the person(s) or group(s) responsible for said communication. 
YOU expressly understand and agree that: 
* YOUR USE of The Service is at YOUR sole risk. 
The Service is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. 
WE expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind, 
whether express or implied, 
including, but not limited to the implied warranties 
of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and 
non-infringement. * WE make no warranty that 
(i) The Service will meet YOUR requirements, 
(ii) The Service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free, 
(iii) the results that may be obtained from the USE of 
The Service will be accurate or reliable, 
(iv) the quality of any products, services, information, 
or other material purchased or obtained by YOU 
through The Service will meet YOUR expectations, and 
(v) any errors in the software will be corrected. 
No part of The Service represents a commitment on the 
part of US in the future. 
* Any CONTENT downloaded or otherwise obtained through the USE of 
The Service (including but not limited to software, links, 
content on external webpages, pictures) 
is done at YOUR own discretion and risk and that 
YOU will be solely responsible for any damage to 
YOUR computer system or loss of data that results 
from the download of any such material. 
* If YOU establish an account with US then 
YOU are the responsible to keep the account login 
data (e.g. password(s)) safe. * Any third-party 
material (including content of external webpages 
linked to by The Service) is presented solely for the 
purposes of education and furtherance of 
the knowledge of the reader. Any third-party material 
displayed or used by The Service remains 
the property of their respective owners. While 
methodology detailed herein could potentially 
be used maliciously or to facilitate activities 
which are unlawful, this is not the intent. WE do not 
condone the commission of unlawful acts: in particular, 
WE do not condone the use of any 
information presented herein to commit unlawful acts 
or for the furtherance of any unlawful activities. 
* No advice or information, whether oral or written, 
obtained by YOU through or from 
The Service shall create any warranty not expressly 
stated in the TOS. LINKS The above 
 is valid for links displayed by The Service. Moreover the 
following terms apply for clarification: "LINKS" include, 
but are not limited to, text links, 
ad(s) with or without graphics (banners, flash movies etc), 
links generated by a database query, 
links added to the system by user input (e.g. in FORUMS), 
links generated by a "random link generator", 
links manually added to newflystar.itgo.com by US. 
LINKS to external webpages (= webpages outside 
of the domain of newflystar.itgo.com) may display 
content developed by people over whom WE 
exercise no control. WE do not necessarily scrutinize 
these pages before or after including a LINK 
to them. An external webpage may have content that 
some people find objectionable, inappropriate, 
or offensive. WE cannot assume responsibility for any 
external webpage nor do WE agree 
(express or implied) with its content. WE may even disagree 
with the content of external web pages. 
The placement of a LINK at The Service does not mean 
WE intend to encourage YOU to visit the "linked to" 
webpage. WE don't encourage YOU to use, take part in or 
believe anything an external webpage claims, 
offers or features. An external webpage may change 
its content, promotions, rules, or regulations without 
any notice after WE have added a LINK to it. It is not 
guaranteed and WE cannot guarantee the accuracy of 
promises/statements of advertisements or LINKS that are 
displayed by The Service. The obligation is placed 
upon YOU to take the initiative and full responsibility to 
thoroughly investigate any offer, product or service 
which is displayed/advertised on The Service. 
YOU expressly understand and agree 
that WE shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, 
incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, 
including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, 
goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses (even 
if WE have been advised of the possibility of such damages), 
resulting from: - the cost of procurement 
of substitute goods and services resulting from any goods, 
data, information or services purchased or 
obtained or messages received or transactions entered into 
through or from The Service; - the USE or the 
inability to USE The Service - access delays or interruptions 
to The Service - failure to store any user 
communications or personalization settings - data delivery 
or non-delivery or misdelivery between 
YOU and US - events beyond our control (e.g. acts of God) 
- unauthorized access to or alteration 
of YOUR transmissions or data - statements or conduct 
of any third party on The Service; - errors, 
omissions, misstatements, discrepancies, receipts, neglects, 
defaults or decisions - deletion of, failure to store, 
or failure to process or act upon email messages - processing 
of updated information to YOUR account data - 
development or interruption of The Service - 
errors taking place with regard to 
the processing of The Service - any act or omission 
caused by YOU (whether authorized by YOU or not) - 
any other matter relating to The Service or - any relationship 
with US WE shall not be responsible 
or liable for the accuracy, currentness, usefulness 
or availability of any information transmitted or 
made available via The Service, and shall not be 
responsible or liable for any decisions made 
based on such information. Statements or comments 
provided on The Service are general information 
and are not intended express or implied to be a substitute 
for informed professional medical, 
psychiatric, psychological, tax, legal, health, investment, 
accounting, or other advice or care. 
Statements or comments provided on The Service are not 
evaluated or approved or supported 
by any official or federal agency. YOU should not use 
this information to diagnose, change, 
prevent, treat, delay, cure or reduce any problem or 
condition. Please consult an expert with 
any questions or concerns YOU might have 
regarding any condition or problem. WE make no 
express or implied representation, warranty or 
guarantee in connection with the information 
contained in and provided through The Service,
 including the appropriateness, accuracy, 
correctness, veractiy, value, sufficiency, timeliness 
or completeness of the data, methods or 
other information contained in and provided through 
The Service. WE do not endorse, and 
expressly disclaim liability for any product, 
manufacturer, distributor, service or service provider 
mentioned or any opinion expressed in statements 
or comments. YOU should never assume 
in FORUMS that people are who they say they are, 
know what they say they know, or are affiliated 
with whom they say they are affiliated with, or are 
not affiliated with whom they say they are not 
affiliated with. Information obtained in FORUMS may 
not be reliable, and it is not a good idea to take 
any action, including to trade or make any investment 
decisions, based solely or largely on information 
YOU cannot confirm, verify or falsify. Under no 
circumstances shall WE be liable to any user on account 
of that user's USE or mis-USE of or reliance on 
The Service. Arising from any claim relating to the TOS or 
the subject matter hereof such limitation of liability 
shall apply to prevent recovery of direct, indirect, ideal, 
incidental, consequential, special, exemplary or punitive 
damages whether such claim is based on warranty, 
contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise, 
(even if WE have been advised of the possibility of such 
damages). Such limitation of liability shall apply 
whether the damages arise from USE or mis-USE 
of and reliance on The Service, from inability to USE 
The Service, or from the interruption, suspension, or termination 
of The Service (including such damages incurred by third parties). 
This limitation shall also apply with respect 
to damages incurred by reason of other services or 
goods received through or advertised on The Service or 
received through any LINKS provided in The Service, 
as well as by reason of any information or advice received 
through or advertised on The Service or received through 
any LINKS provided in The Service. This limitation 
shall also apply, without limitation, to the costs of procurement 
of substitute goods or services, lost profits, 
or lost data. Such limitation shall further apply 
with respect to the performance or non-performance of The 
Service or any information or merchandise that appears 
on, or is linked or related in any way to, The Service. 
Such limitation shall apply notwithstanding any failure 
of essential purpose of any limited remedy and to the 
fullest extent permitted by law. Given the nature of 
the internet and the volume of messages and postings, 
WE cannot and do not monitor all of the material posted 
or transmitted by users and third party information 
providers. WE discourage divulging personal phone 
numbers and addresses or other information that can be 
used to identify or locate YOU. If YOU make 
such disclosures YOU do so fully understanding the consequences 
of such disclosures and with a knowing consent that 
such information could be used to identify YOU. 
Without limiting the foregoing, under no circumstances 
shall WE be held liable for any delay or failure 
in performance resulting directly or indirectly 
from acts of nature, forces, or causes beyond its reasonable 
control, including, without limitation, internet failures, 
computer equipment failures, telecommunication 
equipment failures, other equipment failures, 
electrical power failures, strikes, labor disputes, riots, 
insurrections, civil disturbances, shortages of labor or 
materials, fires, floods, storms, explosions, 
acts of god, war, governmental actions, orders of 
domestic or foreign courts or tribunals, non-performance 
of third parties, or loss of or fluctuations in heat, light, 
or air conditioning. YOU agree that WE shall not be 
bound by any representations made by third parties 
who YOU may use to purchase services from US, 
and that any statements of a general nature, which 
may be posted on newflystar.itgo.com's web pages 
or be contained in promotional materials, will not bind US. 
YOU will openly take the full burden and 
consequences for any harm. YOUR sole and exclusive 
remedy for dissatisfaction with The Service is 
to stop using The Service. 
YOU may not enter parts of the web pages of newflystar.itgo.com 
by circumventing security measures, e.g. by making 
untrue statements/confirmations (e.g. confirming that YOU 
are 18 years of age or older if 
YOU are not 18 years of age or older), by re-registering under 
a non-banned username (or by using an anonymous account), 
by changing or cloaking IP addresses to evade an IP 
ban, by registering a new email account to evade an 
email ban and/or by exploiting 
security holes. YOU may not disclose any vulnerabilities 
(= security holes of The Service) 
before first notifying US and waiting 1 week after 
having notified us. MEMBERSHIP; UP TO 
DATE INFORMATION Some parts of The Service 
may require YOU to register and provide personal or 
non-personal information such as name, e-mail address, gender, 
date of birth, zip code (the "Registration Information").
 If YOU want to become a 
Member of US (= 'register as a member' = 
'open an account with US' = 'subscribe to 
services of US' = (as explained at newflystar.itgo.com)) 
YOU are not authorized to 
register any person other than YOU as a Member or 
otherwise enter membership 
information regarding any person other than YOU. 
YOU are allowed, however, to 
enter profile information regarding third parties 
so long as YOUR USE and maintenance 
of such information does not violate the TOS or 
the legal rights of the third-parties. 
Furthermore, YOU also warrant and represent that 
all information YOU provide is true, 
current, complete, and accurate at the time YOU 
provide such information. YOU agree 
to notify US ten (10) business days when any 
of the information YOU provided 
as part of the application and/or registration 
for an account with US changes. It 
is YOUR responsibility to keep this information 
in a current and accurate status. 
Failure by YOU, for whatever reason, to provide US 
with accurate and reliable 
information on an initial and continual basis, 
shall be considered to be a material 
breach of the TOS. Failure by YOU, for whatever 
reason, to respond within ten 
(10) business days to any inquiries made 
by US to determine the validity of 
information provided by YOU, shall also be 
considered to be a material breach 
of the TOS. YOU agree to retain a copy for 
YOUR record of the receipt for any 
purchase made with US. YOU agree that 
YOUR chosen username (also known as 
"user id" or "screen name" or "login" or "login name") 
and YOUR user graphic 
(also known as "avatar") complies with section 
YOU may not * use a screen name or an avatar of 
another person with the 
intention of impersonating that person * use a
 screen name or an avatar that 
resembles the screen name or avatar of 
another user * use a screen name or 
an avatar of anyone else without authorization 
* use a screen name or an avatar 
in violation of the intellectual property rights 
of any person * use a screen name 
or an avatar that WE consider in sole discretion 
as being inappropriate 
YOU agree that, in addition 
to other events set forth in the TOS, YOUR ability to USE of The Service 
provided by US is subject to cancellation or suspension in the event there
 is an unresolved breach of the TOS and/or suspension or cancellation 
is required by any policy now in effect or adopted later by the TOS 
or third-party agreements. YOU agree that YOUR failure to comply completely 
with the TOS may be considered by US to be a material breach of the TOS and
 that WE may provide YOU with notice of such breach either in writing or electronically
 (i.e. email). In the event YOU do not provide US with material evidence that YOU 
have not breached YOUR obligations to US within ten (10) business days, WE may 
terminate the relationship with YOU and take any remedial action available to US 
under the applicable laws. Such remedial action may be implemented without
 notice to YOU and may include, but is not limited to, terminating YOUR 
accounts and discontinuing The Service to YOU. No fees will be refunded 
to YOU because of a breach. The failure of US to act upon or notify 
YOU of any event, which may constitute a breach, shall not relieve YOU 
from or excuse YOU of the fact that YOU have committed a breach. 
WE may ban YOU from the USE of The Service. A ban of YOU may 
include, but is not limited to * refuse to allow YOU access to one or 
some or all functions of The Service * refuse to allow YOU to login to 
The Service * refuse to allow YOU to view otherwise freely available 
CONTENT Banning YOU may or may not include deleting your 
ACCOUNT and/or CONTENT submitted by YOU. In the event 
WE delete an account of YOU used in association with spam 
or morally objectionable activities, no refund will be issued.
 WE do not guarantee to cancel/delete/terminate YOUR 
account or CONTENT submitted by YOU, even if YOU demand it. 
WE may choose to continue to display any CONTENT submitted 
by YOU. WE may choose to keep YOUR account active even 
after banning YOU. 
 In case of
 counting incoming, outgoing, internal or website-internal hits, 
clicks or other user actions or interactions (collectively, "USER ACTIONS") 
(e.g. for toplists) WE reserve the right to filter out (= not count, 
not accept) USER ACTIONS that are considered as illegitimate 
by US, for example USER ACTIONS made from certain 
IPs or from a browser that doesn't have certain features 
 (e.g. that doesn't accept cookies) or from bots or automatic 
INCLUSION ON THE SERVICE WE do not claim ownership of 
CONTENT YOU submit or make available for inclusion on 
The Service (e.g. for guestbooks, discussion boards).
 However, with respect to CONTENT YOU submit or 
make available for inclusion on The Service YOU 
grant US the world-wide, royalty free, non-exclusive, 
perpetual, irrevocable and fully sublicensable right and 
license to PROCESS the CONTENT. We may make all 
CONTENT YOU submit to US fully available to public 
search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, ...), except where 
stated otherwise. WE are not responsible for the similarity 
of any of the CONTENT in any media to materials or ideas 
transmitted to US. Should YOU send any unsolicited materials or ideas, 
YOU do so with the understanding no additional consideration of any sort 
will be provided to YOU, and YOU are waiving any claim against US 
regarding the use of such materials and ideas, even if material or 
an idea is used that is substantially similar to the idea YOU sent. 
YOU agree not to submit statements, questions or comments designed 
to elicit responses that relate to illegal activity or that infringe upon another 
party's intellectual property rights. WE do not edit, screen, filter, 
modify, or otherwise monitor the content of statements, questions or 
comments of user-submitted CONTENT in advance of initially posting 
or displaying such CONTENT on The Service. 
Although WE will try to provide
 a wealth of publicly-accessible information, WE reserve the right to reject
 (= not publish) or to edit a user-submitted material for any reason or no
 reason at all, or to remove a user-submitted material which is vulgar,
 unlawful, useless, but WE have no obligation to review or remove any such
 material. WE reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time
 without notice for any reason and to remove objectionable or personally
 identifiable information. YOU agree not to USE The Service or to allow or
 enable others, to USE The Service for one or more of the following purposes
 or in one of the following ways: * Upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise
 make available any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional 
materials, "junk mail", "bulk email", "bulk instant messages", "spam", 
"chain letters", "pyramid schemes", or any other form of solicitation, 
except in those areas that are designated for such purpose * Repetitive,
 high volume inquires into The Service * Damage, overburden, disable,
 impair The Service * Interfere with or disrupt The Service or servers or 
networks connected to The Service, or disobey any requirements, procedures,
 policies or regulations of networks connected to The Service * Commit acts 
which are illegal or morally objectionable. Morally objectionable activities will include,
 but not be limited to: activities designed to defame, embarrass, harm, abuse, 
spread untruths, threaten, flame, slander or harass third parties or US or members
 of The Service; activities prohibited by the laws of the United States and/or
 foreign territories in which YOU conduct business; activities designed to 
encourage or advocate unlawful behavior by others, such as hate crimes, 
terrorism and child pornography; activities that are tortuous, libelous,
 vulgar, obscene, harassing, abusive, defamatory, invasive of the 
privacy of a third party, bigoted, racially, ethnically, or otherwise 
objectionable; activities designed to impersonate the identity of a 
third party; and activities designed to harm minors in any way. 
* Excessive overloading on the DNS system of US * Server 
hacking or other perpetration of security breaches, mail bombing,
 internet packet flooding, packet corruption, or other abusive
 attacks * Post excessive numbers of emoticons/smilies, large, 
small or coloured text, shouting text (= the use of CAPITAL 
LETTERS), use excessive punctuation (e.g. !!!!!! or ?????) 
* Post, upload or otherwise make available any CONTENT
 that could be classified as bumping = whose only use is
 to mark a post thread as updated or upvalued * Engage 
in FORUMS in antisocial, harassing, disruptive, or destructive
 acts, including "flaming", "stalking", "mobbing", "spamming",
 "flooding", "trolling", "snerting", "griefing", "leetspeaking" as
 those terms are commonly understood and used on the internet; 
* Post, upload or otherwise make available any CONTENT not
 related to appropriate subject matters * Post, upload or otherwise
 make available any CONTENT which is misleading to others * Post, 
upload or otherwise make available any CONTENT that YOU do 
not have a right to post and transmit under any law or under 
contractual relationships; * Post, upload or otherwise make 
available any CONTENT, such that such posting, uploading, 
or transmission constitutes the infringement of any patent, 
trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights 
of any party * Post, upload or otherwise make available any 
materials that contain software viruses or any other computer 
code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit 
the functionality of any computer software or hardware or 
telecommunications equipment * Disrupt the normal flow 
of dialogue, cause a screen to "scroll" faster than other 
users of The Service are able to type, or otherwise act in 
a manner that negatively affects other users' ability to 
engage in real time exchanges * Forge headers or 
otherwise manipulate identifiers in order to disguise 
the origin of any CONTENT transmitted through The Service;
 * Collect or store personal data about other users in 
connection with the prohibited conduct and activities set 
forth in the paragraphs above * WE shall be the sole
 judge about what represents an illegal USE of The 
Service of US. YOU are bound and will submit to
 OUR assessment.
The TOS and the relationship between YOU and 
US shall be governed by the laws of the county/province
 the majority of the management of US is operating 
from without regard to its conflict of law provisions.
 YOU and WE agree to submit to the personal and 
exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within the 
area of the majority of the operational management 
agree not to use in any manner any trademark(s) 
or service mark(s) or logo(s) of US or product 
name(s) or service name(s) which are trademarks
 of US without prior permission of US. 
* All products, services, trademarks mentioned
 are properties of their respective companies 
or organizations. * By the USE of The Service 
YOU waive any and all claims regarding OUR 
trademarks or domain names that we use. 
* YOU agree to
 release, defend, indemnify and hold harmless
 US and the contractors, agents, shareholders
 and affiliates of US from and against any and 
all losses, defamations, trade disparagements, 
privacy or intellectual property infringements,
 damages, misfortunes, problems, unexpected 
happenenings or costs (including attorney or 
court fees) resulting from any claim, action, 
proceeding suit or demand arising out of or 
related to the USE of The Service (including 
but not limited to YOUR agents, affiliates or 
anyone using YOUR account with US whether 
or not on YOUR behalf, and whether or not
 with YOUR permission). Should WE be notified of 
a pending law suit, or receive notice of the filing of a 
law suit, WE may seek a written confirmation from 
YOU concerning YOUR obligation to indemnify US. 
YOUR failure to provide such a confirmation may be
 considered a breach of the TOS. * YOU agree 
to waive any right you may have to commence or 
participate in any class action suit or proceeding or
 law suit against US arising out of or relating to the 
USE of The Service. YOU also agree to opt out of 
any proceeding, class proceeding or law suit against 
US. * YOU accept that newflystar.itgo.com is a free 
speech zone and a censor free zone. By YOUR USE 
of The Service you accept that there is no recourse
 and no appeal for damages caused by slander, 
potential slander, libel, potential libel, critique, 
criticism, discussion, evaluation, invalidation, 
needlessly inflammatory or abusive language, 
failure to substantiate allegations or other 
expressions, whether in writing or other CONTENT.
 Just like a boxer cannot seek recourse for pain 
suffered from a competition, YOU cannot seek 
recourse for damages caused by YOUR USE of
 The Service. * YOU may not USE The Service 
if the USE is illegal or prohibited or infringes YOUR
 local, state national or international law, rule, 
regulation or right of the political area or geographical area
 or country in which YOU reside. 
Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of certain warranties
 or the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or 
consequential damages. Accordingly, some of the above
 limitations may not apply to YOU. NO THIRD PARTY 
BENEFICIARIES YOU agree that there shall be no third 
party beneficiaries to the TOS. 
YOU may not 
retrieve or scan or fetch or extract or parse the data from 
the www portion of newflystar.itgo.com by any data
 mining, data gathering or extraction method, including robots,
 spiders, bots, agents, or any other such software (collectively, 
"Datamining Software") or manually and reformat the data and
 publish/display/distribute them or embed them into YOUR 
website(s) or service(s) or intranet(s) or extranet(s). This 
restriction does not apply if YOU are a public search
 engine for www websites (e.g. Google, Yahoo, ...)
 that links to newflystar.itgo.com along with the search 
results. * Searches of the database(s) made available 
via The Service are carried out by YOUR input of 
search information containing data to be compared 
against the contents of the database(s). The only 
permissible means of query input is manual 
keyboard entry except for users who must use 
some other form of data input due to a physical 
disability. * Under no circumstances may YOU utilize
 Datamining Software or application designed to perform 
multiple or repeated searches/queries of the database(s)
 of US by circumventing the need for manual entry at 
newflystar.itgo.com. * YOU agree that YOU will not modify, 
copy, distribute, process, make available, transmit, translate,
 display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, sub-licence, 
create derivative works from, use on any other web site,
 transfer or sell any information, software, lists of information 
provided through or obtained from The Service whether or not 
for payment or other consideration. This means, among
 other activities, that YOU agree not to engage in the practices
 of "screen scraping," "database scraping," or any other
 activity with the purpose of obtaining lists of users or lists 
of other information. * YOU may not display/embed parts 
of newflystar.itgo.com while obfuscating (= cloaking 
newflystar.itgo.com's logos, copyright notices etc). 
NO PARTNERSHIP YOU agree that no joint venture, 
partnership, employment or agency relationship exists between
 YOU and US as a result of the TOS or USE of The Service. 
YOU may not decompile or disassemble
 or reverse engineer any part of The Service. 
The Service relies 
on third parties (ISPs, banks, clearing services, etc).
 The third parties may retire or alter or stop or apply parts 
of their services or some of their terms of service in such a 
way that WE have to stop The Service or a part of The Service. 
Anyone who uses any of The Service may stop to receive 
commission payouts thereafter if commission payouts are 
due. Sorry, not the fault of US. A number of commercial 
services, such as financial and contractor services, may 
be offered by third parties through newflystar.itgo.com. 
YOU acknowledge that by permitting such services to be 
offered through newflystar.itgo.com, WE are acting as a 
passive conduit for the transmission to such third parties 
of any information related to such services that YOU 
submit to US. 
Unless otherwise specified herein,
 the TOS constitute the entire agreement between YOU 
and US and it supersedes all prior or contemporaneous 
communications and proposals, whether electronic, oral 
or written, between YOU and US. Any waiver of any 
provision of the TOS will be effective only if in writing and 
signed by US. Additional terms and regulations may apply 
for certain areas of The Service (e.g. discussion boards, 
game sections etc). A printed version of the TOS and 
of any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible 
in judicial or administrative proceedings based upon or
 relating to this Agreement to the same extent and 
subject to the same conditions as other business 
documents and records originally generated and 
maintained in printed form. WE may change the 
TOS from time to time. Review the TOS from time 
to time so that YOU will be apprised of any changes. 
Prior versions of the TOS will be not kept in an archive
 for YOU to view. YOU agree to be bound by any 
changes WE may reasonably make to the TOS when 
such changes become effective. Should YOU elect
 to discontinue USE of The Service YOU will not 
receive a refund for any fees YOU may have paid to US. 
The modified TOS will be effective immediately upon 
posting and YOU agree to the new posted TOS 
by continuing YOUR USE of The Service. If YOU do not 
agree with the modified TOS, YOUR only remedy is to
 discontinue to USE The Service and cancel YOUR
 registration/membership if any. 
YOU responsible for obtaining access to The Service 
and that access may involve third party fees (such as
 Internet service provider or airtime charges). YOU are 
responsible for those fees, including those fees associated 
with the display or delivery of advertisements. In addition, 
YOU must provide and are responsible for all equipment necessary to
 access The Service. Delinquent payments shall bear interest at the 
rate of one-and-one-half percent per month (or the highest rate
 permitted by law, if less) from the due date until paid in full.
 YOU will be responsible for all reasonable expenses 
(including attorneys' fees) incurred by US in collecting 
unpaid or delinquent amounts. All payments due are 
in Euro unless otherwise agreed by US in writing. 
YOU submit or 
correspondence YOU between YOU and other users 
of The Service do not form the basis for a
 professional-client relationship, including but not 
limited to attorney-client, physician-patient, or
 therapist-patient and are not subject to standards 
or requirements of confidentiality and/or privilege
 associated therewith. 
 In consideration of YOUR USE of The Service, 
YOU represent that YOU are of legal age to form 
a binding contract and are not a person barred 
from receiving services under the laws of the United States 
or other applicable jurisdiction. 
 The Service WE are concerned about the safety 
and privacy of all users of US, particularly children. 
The Service is designed to appeal to a broad audience.
 For this reason, if YOU are the parent of a child under
 the age of 13 whom YOU want to allow access to The 
Service YOU must fax to US a written statement that 
allows such acces and identifies YOU and YOUR child. 
YOU must certify that YOU are at least 18 years old 
and that YOU are the legal guardian of the child/children. 
The Service is designed to appeal to a broad audience. 
As the legal guardian, it is YOUR responsibility to determine 
whether The Service and/or CONTENT are appropriate for 
YOUR child. 
 YOU agree that 
regardless of any statute or law to the contrary, any
 claim or cause of action arising out of or related to 
USE of The Service or the TOS must be filed within one (1) 
week after such claim or cause of action arose or be 
forever barred. 
 agree that the TOS are severable. If for any reason 
a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision or
 portion of the TOS to be invalid or unenforceable
 pursuant to applicable law including, but not limited to,
 the warranty disclaimers and liability limitations 
set forth above, then the invalid or unenforceable 
provision will be deemed superseded by a valid,
 enforceable provision that most closely matches 
the intent of the original provision and the remainder
 of the TOS shall continue in full force and effect. 
OUR failure to act with respect to a breach by YOU 
or others does not waive OUR right to act with
 respect to subsequent or similar breaches. 
The failure of US to exercise or enforce any right 
or provision of these terms and conditions shall not 
constitute a waiver of such right or provision. OUR 
failure to exercise or enforce any right under the
 TOS shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any
 such right or operate to bar the exercise or enforcement
 thereof at any time or times thereafter. The 
section headings and subheadings and new lines 
contained in the TOS are included for convenience 
only, and shall not limit or otherwise affect the terms 
of the TOS. Typographical errors shall not limit or otherwise 
affect the terms of the TOS. WE will not be responsible or
 liable for the exercise or non-exercise of OUR rights under 
this Agreement. In the case of a conflict between the TOS
 and the terms of any electronic or machine readable 
statement or policy (for example, a P3P electronic privacy
 policy), the TOS shall control. 
as an online business, transact and communicate 
with others electronically. When YOU USE The Service, 
YOU consent to receive electronically from US any privacy
 or other notices, agreements, newsletters, disclosures,
 administrative messages, reports, documents,
 announcements, communications, or other records 
(collectively, "Notices"). YOU agree to accept notices
 or communication electronically. An electronically
 transmitted Notice shall have the same legal binding
 power as a Notice written on paper. YOU agree that 
WE generally can send YOU electronic Notices in 
either or both of the following ways: (1) to the
 e-mail address that YOU provided to US during 
registration or (2) WE may post Notices within 
a function of The Service. YOU agree that certain
 services may also have their own Notice 
procedure. YOU must check YOUR designated 
e-mail address regularly for Notices. YOU must 
have a personal computer connected to the
 internet in order to access Notices. YOU will 
need a printer to print any .